• Economy: Professor Vili Lehdonvirta

    The economic opportunities of new digital markets

Date: Live, in person at closing event on November 11th.


Internet technologies offer extraordinary new economic opportunities, both in contributing economic value via GDP, but also through the transformation of some of our fundamental economic institutions. At the same time, the Internet is confrontingly disruptive.  New approaches, from crowd-sourced labour to decentralised currencies, present radical policy challenges. Traditional regulatory frameworks, designed to protect consumer, producer and labour rights no longer guarantee expected levels of cover for all transactions. In this session we will review some of the newest policy issues surrounding the digital and consider how these might develop over the next few years. We will cover issues such as:

  • How are digital platforms such as Uber and AirBnB changing the way labour and service markets operate?
  • Who gains, who loses in the platform economy?
  • Can existing regulatory structures provide sufficient protection to consumers and workers, or are additional measures needed?
  • At the cutting edge, what are the policy challenges posed by new approaches to working and transacting enabled by the Internet?


Professor Vili Lehdonvirta, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

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